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Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy

Cerebral GW is committed to respecting our clients’ privacy and complying with the requisite data protection and privacy laws. As such the Privacy Policy is crafted to aid you understand how we collect, use, protect and treat with your personal information. This Policy covers all subsections of the business and is used in conjunction with our Terms of Use Statement.


Personal Information Collection:

Cerebral GW, with your knowledge, will collect your information when you:

  1. Make customer inquiries about products or services

  2. Interact with the website by registering for tutorials or through submitting documents for editing/proofreading.

  3. Navigate the website – information about preferences is tracked using cookies.

  4. Purchase merchandise through the website.

Types of Information Collected:

The information collected by Cerebral GW may include, but is not limited to, the categories provided below:

  1. Contact information viz name, address, email address and telephone numbers

  2. Banking information viz debit and credit card numbers, billing address.

  3. Written manuscripts viz academic papers and books


Any personal information collected by Cerebral GW will be used for the purposes of communicating with the client or to facilitate the purchasing of merchandise. All payment data is stored with the third party used for payment processing. The data collected will not be sold nor given to marketers to target the clients based on their browsing or shopping preferences. Any external links referenced on the website that are accessed will have their own privacy policies that you should read.


Privacy Support & Inquiries:

At any time, should you have concerns or questions regarding this policy please email us at


Changes to Privacy Statement:

Cerebral GW reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time to comply with any applicable changes in data protection and privacy legislation. Notice of any changes along with the revised policy will be posted on our website.


Effective date: September 15, 2021

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