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Covid-19 times – Profit or Complain! (Part 2)

As promised, the second major source of information for me on this leg of my investment journey is from the Brick Boss himself Randy Rowe! Ummm, I am honestly not sure where to start! In a previous post I mentioned telegram groups which discuss investments. When I joined Devrhoid Davis‘ group, I had a lot of questions. From there on out, two persons mentioned Randy’s class. They were so convinced of the difference it would make that one person referred me to Randy resulting in him giving me a discount, and the other person paid the balance of the cost for the class. Now, this a paid thing that is worth every penny! The classes are called GRWR and there are both beginner and advanced versions. What exactly does GRWR (pronounced grower) mean? Get Rich With Research! Yaassss! We are all happy with the ‘get rich’ part but not so keen on the ‘with research’ part right? Well this is work that gets your money to work for you. Once you get it it is pretty simple. And would you look at that, I am already getting ahead of myself!!

So, where can you find all these things and what are some of the available perks? Everything is on his website – EveryMickle! The Earnings Season Podcast that he does with Danhai Hall, Blog posts, GRWR registration and GRWR Grads subscription. And I can hardly wait to tell you about My Money Ja and the Every Mickle Calendar!!

If you only have a few minutes, then that won’t cut it for the hours long, information packed, tangential podcast. I am still trying to catch up! This is not a podcast that you can listen to in the background. Nope! This podcast demands your full attention, your beverage of choice, note taking capacity and the time to pause and replay. No hyperbole was used in describing the podcast. In addition to finding it on the website, you can find the podcast on major podcasting apps and YouTube. The blogs are written by various contributors who are all investment and finance savvy (David Rose aka the Data Dacta big up yourself!!) and are available for viewing directly from the website.

The beginner GRWR class teaches you the basics needed to properly research any company on any stock exchange. The methodology taught is simple yet profoundly effective. It is applicable whether you are holding for the long haul or looking to make a quick flip. It is relevant whether this is your first stock purchase or your zillionth. Many of us continue to use this and win big time. Yes sometimes you don’t quite get the result you are looking for, but isn’t that the nature of any genre of research? People literally use this method and make the equivalent of their monthly salaries each month and outperform the stock market! Knowledge is one thing, applying the knowledge and making the investment (monies paid for the class) work for you is another. Once you’ve completed the beginner course you are a GRWR Grad. Yaaaaaay! What next? Well, you have 2 choices. You can do advanced GRWR courses as you’d like or become a GRWR Grad subscriber. Either way the courses all happen monthly and are often in the latter half of the month. The beginner course can be done in 2 parts or the marathon session…and yes Randy never ends class on time but you usually don’t want to leave either. He has an uncanny ability to hold your attention. And no, he is not a financial advisor (and neither is this blog financial advice) but his methods have been tested numerous times and proven effective, even by people who wouldn’t dare to confirm same.

How much better can it get right? Well, becoming a GRWR Grad subscriber is the next level. This gives you automatic registration for the advanced classes, the telegram group where we have weekly calls to check in, early access to all podcasts and special features, discounts for GRWR related things, My Money Ja (MMJA) discount, discounts for financial advisory sessions with Danhai and first dibs on whatever else Papa Bricks conceives. The GRWR Grad family is keen on helping each other do what the name says…get rich with research. No one is a guru, we have our own inside jokes and jargon, and you cannot be thin skinned either! The point is to ensure that you are using the tools and getting better. No one is going to be your enabler. No one is going to tell you which stock to buy. And if you ask a question, be prepared to formulate an answer along with your rationale. The point is to always grow. Did I mention that there is a monthly GRWR Grad Chill session? Yes man! Grab your beverage…or your late night cooking (GRWR Grad you know yourself) and come with your questions. This is a more informal online get together where we deep dive a bit into the individual portfolios…are we still doing the right research the right way to get rich? And yes, if you stay on for the after chill session (and advanced GRWR) session, you might hear some snoring or catch the sunrise! Yes they go longer than the energizer bunny!!

Now, MMJA is the biggest thing right now in terms of all the perks and features. This could literally be a blog post on its own! My Money Ja gives you the ability to create and monitor your portfolios, your gains/losses realized and unrealized, the market in general and the individual companies. EVERYTHING that you need for the research is right there! It is a one stop shop for all things investment research as it pulls information from multiple sources. Please, just visit the site and see for yourself…the buy/sell queue, the charts, company description, news articles for the company as well as their financial reports. You can find the dividend yield, EPS, P/E ratio, the number of outstanding shares, you name it, it is pretty much there! The only thing you cannot do is trade on the site! No exaggeration! You can create alerts for last traded price or closing price and watchlists et cetera. There are levels to it. You can be free, pro or premium and the paid versions (pro and premium) have the added perks mentioned above. Right now, you can sign up for the introductory offer especially as a GRWR Grad. And, what if you don’t have money one month or two, no problem! Just pause or downgrade your subscription! Randy has been doing this for about a decade now, so of course it is more developed. Even so, I am sure he has a lot of further developments up his sleeves and I am certainly hoping for an app version of MMJA!

If you don’t have the EveryMickle local stock calendar then are you serious about investing? Every dividend ex-date, report due date, AGM, Stock split…EVERYTHING is on that calendar (GRWR classes too)!! And you can download it and integrate it with your personal calendar! And yes this is free!

Whew! I really could go on and on but the full will never be told (yes I am paraphrasing Buju Banton’s Untold Storie). The only way to really get what I am saying is to experience it for yourself. A special shout out to our in house licensed financial advisor Danhai aka LID (GRWR lingo lol). Check out his advisory page and sign up for a session…only good things have been said thus far!

As is customary…the questions.

Are you a GRWR Grad subscriber yet? Are you complaining or profiting? Where are you getting your investment information?

GMW aka aspiring Brick Princess

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As promised, the second major source of information for me on this leg of my investment journey is from the Brick Boss himself Randy Rowe! Ummm, I am honestly not sure where to start! In a previous po

Covid-19 times – Profit or Complain! (Part 2)

As promised, the second major source of information for me on this leg of my investment journey is from the Brick Boss himself Randy Rowe! Ummm, I am honestly not sure where to start! In a previous po

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