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Focus more on the Promise Giver and less on His Promises

Hi lovelies! It has been a while since I have written a blog but I have not forsaken you all. In fact, I have been working on something that will be announced on Whatsapp, Instagram and Linkedin, in a few days! I am sooo excited for this big announcement! Anyhoos that is not what I am here to write about today.

Oftentimes, we receive a promise from God and we begin to obsess about the promise to the point of idolizing it and, forgetting all about the One Who made the promise in the first place. I am so guilty of this! We obsess and obsess and then when it doesn’t manifest how we perceive in it in our obsession, we are disappointed because God “failed us”. Oh, I must not have heard correctly we lament. God, why are You moving so slowly? Or God, You are late we cry in despair! And sometimes when we pester God, He goes silent on us! And then we bemoan how far away from us He is. But is it really Him or us? I reckon it is us!

When God gives us a promise, occasionally He will also confirm that promise to us. What do we do? Yes we are human and it is only natural to want to know the details, especially if you are detail oriented. However, some of us, self included, need to know the minutia within the details…we are frankly overbearing! Thankfully God is not like man. We want to know when exactly will this promise be fulfilled and how we are to prepare ourselves to receive it. We want to know what signs we should be looking for as we wait for it. We want to know who our destiny helpers are to help us manifest this promise and we want to know who God will use to bring it to pass. We want to know the timing of every aspect of it down to the second! We want to know so badly that we convince ourselves that we need to know and that God needs to tell us what we need to know, right now. Who do we really think are we?

The audacity of us!

God is Omniscient and He wants and only gives His best for and to us! We say we trust God yet we try every which way to make things work. Don’t get me wrong, we must marry to our faith, works but there is an equation. There is a certain amount of work that must go with the faith for manifesation to happen. In our working we must rest, especially when God is gracious to us and gives us multiple confirmations. We must be sensitive to know and understand when it is that He is giving us a confirmation. We must hold those dear to our hearts yet not put them above Him. Our expectations must be of the Promise Giver and not the promise. When He reminds you of His promise, smile knowing that He hasn’t forgotten because He does not have the ability to forget. Smile instead of focusing on the frustation of having to wait a little longer. God created time and therefore He is not not confined to it. He doesn’t see time the way we do. So when He whispers to us “soon”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be later today or tomorrow. Instead. let us wait well. Let us continue believing. Let us continue rejoicing and echoing those advanced praises. Let us continue to be mindful and sensitive. Let us continue to allow Him to prepare us to receive that which He has promised us.

I would be unrealistic to say oh, just be happy all the time and it will be fine. We are humans! It is okay to get frustrated. It is okay to get discouraged. However, in those moments we need to assess why we are having those emotions then refocus our attention, where it ought to be. So, tell me something:

Do you promise to focus more on the Promise Giver and less on the promises given? Will you be checking our social media pages for the big announcement?


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