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God Has Thought it Through!

God is a Master Strategist. He plans everything out for us with intricate detail. He does not need any contingency and even when we mess up He works in it for our good. The challenge is however, because we don’t know all the details, we tend to panic. We don’t understand everything and therefore we feel as though, God has somehow forgotten as well. Or, that God is incapable of working through the plan. Or, He has been taken by surprise so He has to now go and figure it out.

God is intentional. He is the Master “Strategizer”. He is all knowing and He knows how everything will eventually fall in place. The devil is His employee and therefore, in all things God can and will work it together for His glory and for our good. I know I am being repetitive but it is because I want us to move forward from today knowing that God has thought everything through.

He knows it all. I have seen numerous examples in my own life where, afterwards I can see what His purpose was and how it all came into the big picture. Oftentimes we are stuck thinking about how it isn’t working or it seems like the prophecies aren’t being fulfilled. We are stuck looking at the empty part of the glass not realizing how much fuller it has become over time. We often forget that, although it was just one chapter later in the bible story, that several years would have passed before the other chapter unfolded…think Joseph.

God is a strategic God. He allows us to come to a place that He always knew He would bring us to, eventhough He often doesn’t tell us. He cares about us too much to allow anything but His purpose to be fulfilled. Even the detours are accounted for in His initial plan. I want to encourage all of us, as our experiential knowledge of God increases, so should our trust. We really do not need to go through life worrying about anything at all because God is in control. He already planned it out. He knows how we would have been conceived. He knows the career path we will take. He knows if and when we will marry and become parents. He knows when He will promote in spite of the pushbacks that we are getting.

Let us allow Him to build our character however He chooses knowing that nothing at all can thwart or stymie His plan or purpose because the delays are not surprising to Him. He knows the paths we can take to our predetermined purpose. Therefore, let us really let go and let God. It is not easy to do. Nor is it easy for me to convey in words what I am feeling.

Yes we are humans. Yes at times we will become concerned. Yes, not knowing is frustrating at times and yes to all of the ups and downs of life. But somehow, as I see God at work in my life, even now I can only look back and see how everything was intentional. I can look back and see how He had it all planned out. No, I have not fully attained unto my purpose but something has shifted and I am positive that I can go through life, with full assurance, even when I temporarily forget because I am blinded by my circumstances, that God has already thought it through. He knows every single desire of my heart because He gave me those desires in the first place. He is not some evil being who wants to taunt us by dangling the things we desire, before our eyes, knowing that he has no intention to give us. Rather, God can be trusted. He will give us the things that we desire, in the time He knows is right. Sometimes He gives us glimpses of what it will be like but then He processes us and just when we think okay, I am never going to get it, that is when He gives us. He gives us when we reach the point of the desired thing is less desirable than God Himself. In other words, our desire for God is greater than our desire for the things that He has promised us.

So, as we step into the first month of the last quarter of 2023, how can you shift your thinking? Will you come up into a higher place of quiet rest? Will you live life as though God has thought it through?


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