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Liberty: Journey or destination?

Oftentimes as Christians, we have recited the scripture – Whom the Son has set free, is free indeed. We declare it, speak it into the atmosphere, we believe it yet we continue to struggle. So, is the Word of God true or not? That is definitely a rhetorical question!

What I have come to realise is that liberty is more of a process than a single finite event. It is more of a journey than a destination at which we arrive. The enemy of our souls, the accuser of the brethren has sown seeds in our lives. Those seeds have germinated and they have become trees with an extensively, intertwined root system. Just think of all the years that you have been struggling with some of the things that have taken root in your life. It might have started as a small thought. But then you focussed on it a lot and it got bigger. You watered it, fertilised it and it is now a robust, strong, thriving, fruit bearing tree. A stronghold is not something puny. In order for it to be a stronghold, it must have a firmly grounded root system. Look at giant trees. for example the redwoods also known as Sequoias. In order for a tree of that size to remain upright it must have a solid base.

If we could really look below a garden’s surface I am sure we would see how root systems are intertwined, even across species. When the root system is so vast, we find that the tree is hard to kill. If you cut off just the top, then there is a great possibility that the tree will spring back because its root system is intact. It is still able to get nutrients.

And so, what God has to do with our deliverance, although we have decreed a thing in the spiritual realm, and once God’s Word says it, it is so, Amen, there is no need to question it, there is a process. God has to, and please forgive the inadequacy of my natural parlance in describing the ethereal, take His time. It is a delicate and tedious job! God has to pull up every single root that has come from that seed. Consequently we find that our deliverance, our process, our freedom, it comes in layers. Until God starts to cut down the trees you will not get a plenary understanding of how deep the root system is. How thick and healthy it is. How rich it is. How well fed it is. God has to go through and uproot every single piece of it, being meticulous to not allow a reseeding to occur either. Reseeding or incomplete removal of the roots will cause the thing to spring anew, and possibly even stronger. God certainly does not want that.

Remember, God created time, so He is not confined to our understanding of it. He loves us too much to do an incomplete botched up removal job. So, if you are still struggling with “stuff”, do not be discouraged. Take heart knowing that the Master Gardener is in the process of weeding out His garden. He has to properly remove the root system, to leave His seed and His roots intact. If you have declared a thing, and you know that you are free. You are seeing the signs of partial freedom in your life, keep going in the process. Do not abort the process! God has all the various tools needed to take out from the smallest to the biggest of roots. His intention is to get rid of all of the roots, piece by piece. Soon you will find that this thing doesn’t have as firm a grip on you anymore.

Will you be encouraged today on your journey to full freedom? Will you allow God to finish what He has started?


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