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New Beginnings

In order for us to experience a new beginning, something has to end. The most obvious example of this is the calendar year. However, for us, we don’t have to wait for a new year to start, in order to experience a new beginning. The problem with most of us is that we don’t want to experience the “pain” of ending old thing(s), so that we can experience the new. We want to eat our cake and have it too.

This year, let us resolve to step outside of our comfort zones and complete the process that is required for us to experience new beginnings. God has promised numerous times in His word, that He is doing or will do a new thing. It is up to us, to allow Him to prepare us to receive the new. We have to empty ourselves of what we currently have in order to be refilled. All throughout life we have a plethora of examples demonstrating the need to release the old in order to receive the new. So why not take that principle literally? As we set goals, write vision statements, create vision boards and everything else that we do at the beginning of the year, we owe it to ourselves to reflect. Reflect on what is working, what isn’t working, what could work better. Reflect on what exactly are the things that are preventing us from experiencing the new. Even some of the things that are working…they are reminiscent of comfort and we all know that growth doesn’t take place where we are comfortable.

So as we are easing into this new year, let us resolve to do what is necessary so that we can all become better versions of ourselves. As is customary, I will end with a few questions. However, before I do so, I must say thank you for sticking with, and supporting this blog, even though I did not blog as much last year. This year, promises to be a great one, filled with exciting developments and upgrades. I spent last year, decluttering mentally and spiritually. I stepped outside of my own comfort zone to become who I need to be in order to serve you better. A lot has changed, but it was necessary for me to become who I was always meant to become. I have not regretted any of those decisions. At the time they were made, I wasn’t always sure how it would work out. However, the joy that came afterwards, often caused me to forget the pain of becoming. I am still becoming. Personal development is an ongoing process. And you will definitely be hearing from me more this year. So, question time.

What has been your experience with transitioning from something old to something new? What advice would you give to someone who is afraid to take that leap of faith? How else do you need to change? What must come to an end in this season in order for you to enter the next one?

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