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The Constancy of God’s Goodness

Hey everyone. Yes, I know it has been a long while since you all have heard from me. So many things have been happening but I am still here. Life has been such where I’ve not really been feeling too inspired to blog and if it’s not authentic I am not going to write. I do not believe in writing just to say I have posted something. I have to connect to what I write. So here we are today…24 days from the second anniversary of this blog!

This year one of my aims has been to intentionally pray more, praise more and read the Bible more. So yes I have my morning quiet time and yes we have Sunday school and other church related services. However, outside of those prescribed, predictable, prescheduled moments, I wanted to meet up with God spontaneously. So maybe give up something else, or rearrange my very busy to-do-list to have some more one-on-one time with God. That my friends is the source of today’s inspiration to blog.

Before I pray, I like to worship. I use that time to remind myself, and my problems, about the God to Whom I am about to pray. And yes, sometimes I have a list of things, sometimes there is warfare, sometimes persons have asked me to pray and the list could go on ad infinitum in describing the myriad of requests that we all take to God. Nonetheless today was different. Something shifted today. As I was listening to this group to which I had never listened before, they were singing a well known song about God’s goodness.

I sat frozen at my desk…suddenly nothing else mattered, because in that moment, I became increasingly aware that God is good. I know you might be saying “really Gaye-Leon? Really!!” But indulge me for a moment. It is so cliche for us to talk about God’s goodness. If I should say to you now, “God is good”? You would respond with “all the time”. And then I could say “all the time” and you would say “God is good”. But have we ever really sat down and pondered upon the fact that God is good? Have we thought about how constant His goodness is? People change. Circumstances change. But God? He doesn’t. Neither does His goodness. It doesn’t get more goodness-y or less goodness-y.

When was the last time that you really reflected upon the constancy of His goodness? Yes we have problems. We have good, joyous, bliss-filled moments and we have really heart-rending, gut-wrenchingly, devasting moments. But in those two situations God is good! Nothing changes His character. Our sin doesn’t. Our genealogy doesn’t. Our careers don’t. Nothing at all changes the fact that God continues to always be good. He cannot but be good. Even when He allows things that are not good, He is still good.

I was moved to tears! I cried because sometimes in the heat of the battles we face in life, we forget that God is good. And that His goodness endures to all generations. That His faithfulness is great and that His mercies are new every morning. So you might be enduring a tough time right now, and you are hurt, confused, uncertain and a plethora of other things. But I came to remind you that God is good! He will always be good. I pray that this reminder will comfort your heart today and strengthen you to continue enduring. Or, maybe you are not “enduring” per se. Maybe you are in a good season. A season of abundance. Remember still, that God is good!

I tell you, it is not that I have been having inner turmoil and I am deeply depressed per se. Today was just different. I didn’t end up praying today. I ended up crying and thanking God as I repeated over and over, God You are good. God You are good. God You are good! God You are ALWAYS good!

May we never forget that.

So, will you pause and think about [the constancy of] God’s goodness?


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