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The “Strangeness” of God

Hey everyone! So I woke up with the blog title but no content for the blog. I got the title reminiscing about my current season but still wasn’t sure how to express myself in a written format. We often speak about the goodness of God but we don’t speak about His “strangeness”. But, (never start a sentence with but lol), I figured that once I sat down to write then the flow would come. In Jamaican parlance we say “God no easy at all”. Meaning that God has a way of just doing things that makes you smile and you shake your head because of how He did it.

Tonight we have a special youth session and I was disappointed when we didn’t get our shirts for empowerment. So, naturally I was VERY excited to wear my shirt tonight. I had previously opened out the shirt and looked at it. I wasn’t 100% satisfied because you know, it wasn’t printed the way I had envisioned it but it was workable. If I didn’t share what I envisioned then you wouldn’t know the difference. (Notice, lots of I statements…it should never be about us, but I digress). So a few moments ago, I decided to iron the shirt from now because I really don’t like ironing lol. So I put the shirt inside out and ironed it. When I put it back to normal I was like wait. Why is the BACK of the shirt printed as the FRONT! To say I felt disappointed is putting it mildly. I NO LONGER WANTED TO WEAR THE SHIRT and I was pretty close to throwing out the shirt because? Yes, you guessed correctly. It was not what I had envisioned. And as I am writing this, I am like Lord please forgive me. These same I statements were what got satan kicked out of heaven and I refuse to lead many to Christ and become a castaway.

So, true to form, I expressed my disappointment to the youth ministry’s executive team. I messaged the person who helped us source the t-shirts privately and went into detail about the disappointment. I decided I’d still wear the shirt but I know me, I had to be transparent about how I felt. I also shared with 2 other friends who, if I am going off about it the wrong way, they will pull me back in line. One of the friends and the person who helped us source the t-shirts sent me the same message at the same time. Maybe God wanted the back of the shirt printed at the front. And just like that all the disappointment and yes, the anger, dissipated. Pray for me saints! Furthermore God said, if you guys had worn the shirts for empowerment, you would be less likely to wear them for this event tonight which is a joint event with other youths. And I am like God, You could have told me that from empowerment. He then said, wasn’t it you who said I am a strange God and you want to write today about the strangeness of God. Talk about content! And of course, I had to remind God, not that He forgets, that He gave me the blog title lol…yes we converse…I digress again!

You see, I was going to start off by saying we often put God in a box. We have a “but God, this is not how I envisioned it” thing about us. And so because we didn’t envision it, it can’t be God. I think God sometimes just laughs at us like, child, not to worry, you will soon understand. I am in a season where nothing makes sense yet I have peace. And without realising it, that season was preempted by me praying scriptures like let the same mind that is in Christ be in me and me presenting my body and myself up as a sacrifice to God, holy and acceptable. Big bold scriptures and saying that God I don’t exactly know how it will work out or what it will look like, but I trust you. I am your quintessential “type A” person. No room for spontaneity. And definitely no room for errors. I set deadlines and give them to God and then throw a whole tantrum when He doesn’t respond. Don’t give me any side eyes because some of you know that you are just as guilty! But having realised that, I had to let it go. So I told God multiple times do You in my life. Be You in my life. And man, some days it is really rough. God is stripping, stretching and refining me all at once. However, I almost started the sentence with but again lol, I have soooo much peace. And for lack of a better way of putting it, it has helped me in this season. God has given me His peace that surpasses human understanding. So much so that things that would normally send me spiraling I am like God, in Your time. If you allow me to be put to shame then Isaiah says I will get double honour. Like, I just had to get there in my faith. It doesn’t mean I am going to not plan any at all, but I had to relinquish a lot of my “concerns” because concern is a synonym for worry. If I am walking in obedience to God’s word, He will take care of me! Taking care of me doesn’t mean that there won’t be hard days. For both the good and bad days, the easy and hard days He remains God; His grace remains sufficient; His love for me has been from before creation; and His hands will forever be in and on my life. So the strangeness of God is really the other side to His goodness. Like two sides of the same coin. Let us all be more diligent in releasing what we’ve envisioned. If God comes in that way, great! If He comes in a strange way, great! If He comes in a good way, great! If God was predictable, then He wouldn’t be God would He?

Can you relate to what I shared today? How will you purpose to recognize the strangeness of God as a great thing in your life?


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