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When you least expect it…

God will grant you the things for which you have been contending. Oftentimes He will do so in a way that we least expect. What we must do is remain persistent and don’t give up.

I am in a CRAZY season right now. There are a few things that, every year I have them on my vision board and every year I get frustrated because it doesn’t seem like they will ever come to pass. Mentally, I have given up on being an entrepreneur more times than I’d like to admit. In the process, I have made mistakes, been hesitant to move because of previously hearing no or because of previous failures. And, this is not to say that I have attained unto all that I desire, but there is a certain level of struggle that no longer exists.

A lot of things are still out of sorts and I am still struggling to balance all the things on my plate. My prayer life is so different and changes so often that I cannot even explain it to anyone. I just know that I still hear, see and feel God and that regardless of what is happening, once I still myself long enough, His peace always comes.

However, this has also been a season during which I have received tremendous help. Destiny helpers have swooped in to my rescue. And as I am doing this blog, playing over in my mind are the numerous times that I would have declared that I would be greatly helped. I remember vividly listening to Reverend Sam Oye and declaring with all faith that my destiny helpers wouldn’t be hindered but that they would come and that they would be blessed. I am also learning to not box God in. I have been growing in this area of having great expectations of God and not try to limit His infinite response with my finite imagination. What I do when things manifest, is that I keep going back to God. I keep dying to self, leaving my head, stepping out of my feelings and going back to God. I have found that sometimes the help is a one off instruction that leads to success. Other times the help is connecting me to the next destiny partner. Still, at other times the help is a particular person working the marketplace on my behalf.

When we are struggling in one area, it is often so hard to praise Him for what He is already doing in another area. And I am learning to declare that since God is visibly working in this area of my life, He is invisibly working in these other areas that seem like nothing is happening.

Another thing I have observed during this season is that, the longer I wait, the more preparation is taking place. That preparation helps to unlock the next level of the season. When we play games or practice using learning applications, we cannot jump to the next level without first demonstrating competency at the current level. Something similar can happen in the realms of the Spirit. As we contend for the big promise, there are smaller promises strewn along the path. As we complete the preparation for those smaller promises, we unlock them unto ourselves. Once we don’t lose heart and we don’t give up and we continue to press towards the higher calling in Christ, we will continue to unlock all the promises the very moment we have completed our preparation for that promise.

Once we shift our focus from the promise to the Promise Giver Who is also the Promise Keeper and to doing His commands, then eventually the promises will unlock for us and to us. This unlocking happens when we least expect it and in a way that is so surprising sometimes. As such we have to step outside of tradition and what is expected by and of the status quo. We have to really be in sync with Abba and know when He is saying that thing, that doesn’t look like it is from Me, is actually from Me.

So, as we continue to work assiduously by seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, working and waiting, worshiping and waiting, “suddenly” all that we’ve been waiting for, dreaming about, contending for, will manifest. Just raise your expectations as it might not come how, when, where, nor through whom you want it.

Last thing, sometimes the “when you least expect it” will sometimes require us to “throw caution to the wind” and instead of dipping our toes in the water, we will have to just dive right in. God won’t always put a billboard or huge LED screens in front of us saying this is Me. Trusting God requires us to just jump off the cliff knowing that He will catch us. Trusting God requires us to just dive into the deep waters, even if we cannot swim, knowing God won’t let us drown. We can trust fall into God because we know that our steps are ordered by Him.

As usual we close with a few questions. Are you open to the promises manifesting in a nontraditional manner? Do you trust that your steps are really ordered by God? Are you ready for the “when you least expect it, how you least expect it” season?


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