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Why Cerebral Massage?

As an opinionated and provocative writer, I comment on many different topics ranging from lifestyle to finance, and academics. However, the topic that is nearest to my heart is devotional or inspirational matters that help us navigate this world with a spiritual perspective.

I cannot yet say how often I will blog, as I often write when I feel inspired to write. Who am I targeting? Anyone who loves writing that is thought provoking and not always uncontroversial. Regardless of the topic that I choose to write about on a given day, it is my hope that you will be inspired to think profoundly about the contents of the blog. It is my hope that it will encourage you to do your own research and delve further. It is meant for you to question your beliefs: how did you arrive at those philosophies and how does your truth match up against other persons’ truths and philosophies. Ultimately, you should walk away more convinced of your views, or have questions that will lead to deeper thought about those views.

I am not sure for how long this will last, but I promise to bring authentic and provocative reads for all audiences regardless of age, interest and background.


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