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Morning Musings: When God Speaks

Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of frustration and feeling close to burnt out. Now I can handle a lot of things (or so I’ve been told); and, it has been a while since frustration has been able to block out or superimpose itself on my new found peace. Well meaning friends and family keep reminding me that I am “graced for this”. I’m really starting to strongly detest that statement…I digress…

It is the start of another academic year. As a lecturer and a student that can bring with it a myriad of stressful things. I juggle a lot of things and I am trying to balance it all: exercise, eat healthily, work well, be an excellent student, oh and ministry…maybe that should have been at the front of the list…meetings, meetings, meetings, did I say meetings? And every single, solitary thing is online…yes I am being redundant on purpose! It is all so exhausting! And sometimes I just want to move to the farthest planet in the universe. I am human (not superwoman like some of my friends think….especially JTW!). So in these moments, what do I do? I force myself to be still.

As a part of my morning walk (too exhausted to jog let alone run), I have decided to do half in silence and half listening to something motivational. I usually listen first then walk in silence. This week’s motivational podcast is called Godfidence by Matthew Williams. This morning’s episode “Daily Blocks of Confidence II” was somehow very moving for me. It reminded me that I had to really stand firm in my faith regardless of what is happening around me. During the silent part of the walk I was searching you know…trying to ascertain what is really happening. Was my frustration legitimate? Was it spiritual? Was I missing something? And God in His infinite wisdom and mercy gave me an image of a fortified city. The enemy’s army was at the wall trying but they could not get in. The wall was impenetrable. God reminded me of a word He gave me earlier this year “Access Denied”. I had leveled up and the code had been changed. The enemy would enter the old code but it would not work. And immediately I felt renewed; so much so that I posted some things on my whatsapp status. I’ll close the blog with those words…

You know sometimes we get a word from God and the challenge we face is to stand on that word when it seems like it’s not going to be fulfilled. When dams are built properly, and you know that the architect and engineer used were the world’s best, do you think for one minute that the dam will be breached? You look at the water in glorious force and you calmly go back into your house and sleep because the dam won’t break! You live in a fortified city. You see the enemy coming but you know the walls are impenetrable. Yes you will stand guard but you are not worried that they will get in. The city is sealed. The Lord built the seas and He said to them hither you shall come and no more. Do we have gates on the oceans? Do we have to man the sea to prevent it from overflowing and flooding the entire island we live in? Not really. Not if you don’t choose to go and live where the sea naturally belongs. What is my point? What is the last word God gave to you? Stand on it, behind it, inside, underneath it! Do not yield! Do not surrender! Do not give up! God’s word is more sure than even the invisible barrier He placed around the ocean and the sea. It must come to pass…

So, what will your response be?


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