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Position yourself for atypical miracles

God never ceases to amaze me. Of course I expect the miraculous to happen, He is God. However, I am never ever not amazed at how He responds to me. Lately I have been praying, Abba, I am positioned for miracles. May miracles locate me. I admit, sometimes it is afterwards that I realise the miracle that God wrote in my life. You see, we often see only the big things as miracles. We see only the getting out of the impossible situations as miracles. But can we broaden and lengthen our perspective a bit? Can we see the miraculous all around us?

I have been told that I hear God clearly. In fact, last year one of my friends asked me if I don’t think anyone else wants to hear God as well. LOL! And to me, I didn’t get what she was saying at all. I thought I was still struggling somewhat to recognise God’s voice, especially where it pertains to me and my situations. However, I have come to accept that I do hear God. I need not worry about that aspect. And that if He is speaking to me regarding the people around me, why wouldn’t He speak to me about me? It doesn’t compute right? LOL, but we see in part and we hear in part and the danger for me is teetering on the edge of false humility in the name of not wanting to be puffed up about the fact that I hear God. However, that is for another blog on another day in another month. LOL!

Lately, I realise that not only do I hear God but that He hears me. And I know you are probably saying duh! #Jesushearsandanswersprayers But there is a different level of conversation with God to which we must all attain. God hears me just like you hear me when I talk. Sigh, I don’t really know how to explain it. I just know there has recently been this great awareness that He hears me and He responds to me. Okay, let us take yesterday for example. I needed an urgent appointment somewhere for a friend. When I called they said we are full and busy so you might have to walk in and wait. I said no problem. Only for the next statement to be, we actually have a time that we could slot you into. I said sure! When we got to the plaza, it was so full that not even a bicycle could park! No exaggeration! I opened my mouth and said, Abba, we need a parking. Someone needs to walk out right now and leave so we can get parking. No sooner had I spoken the words out loud, a gentleman walked by and when we queried it, yes he was leaving. We went to the appointment, the “news” was not what we wanted but we gave thanks that it wasn’t worst. A procedure had to be done immediately and initially the more expensive route was suggested. We said it is what it is, go ahead doc and proceed. Only for the doctor to say, I am going to try the less expensive route. So we prayed again, and said God, we thank You that this less expensive way will work and we won’t have to upgrade to the more expensive one. And God did it again! And yes, it was after the procedure that we realised we both prayed the same prayer!

The thing is, lately my life has been like this…or maybe it has always been like this but because God has destroyed and rebuilt my mind, identity, personhood, mindset, self esteem, heart posture and the works, I can finally walk as the son of God that I truly am. What is crazier about yesterday, I was supposed to go to work face to face. Had I gone in, I couldn’t have taken the appointment time slot that was given to us. So the night before at 9 pm my students messaged asking for online class. And honestly I was rather annoyed because this particular group of students don’t like coming to class face to face. But even so, instead of reacting, I liaised with my immediate supervisor who gave me the go ahead. What I didn’t know was what would have come the next morning, but God did!

I used to be very angry and easily annoyed especially when things didn’t follow my routine. However, God is sovereign and since I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, the scripture which says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God, is very much applicable to my life. I mean, if you are close to me you know how meticulous I am. I am a person of routine. I am a person of schedule. I don’t colour outside of the lines. I don’t break rank nor routine. I held myself for years in a self made prison of how I do things, so much so that I stressed my own self out. And it was earlier this year (yes earlier in 2024) that God said to me, you have been delivered from people but you need to be delivered from yourself!

I never saw it! I couldn’t see it! One definition of love is acceptance. It took years but I finally accepted myself as I am and as I will grow to become. And then God gave me friends who saw me where I was, saw my need for change, saw my flaws, saw my strengths, saw my weaknesses and they loved me as I was, as I am and as I will become. I struggled to accept their love because I thought I wasn’t deserving of it. I could only receive love if it was given for what I was able to do and not who I was, am and will be. So in that web of acceptance, God could begin to dismantle me and rebuild me. One of my other friends said it this way we are in a season where we learn, unlearn and relearn.

So walking in this new experiential knowledge of who I am in Christ, I can live a life where atypical miracles happen every single day. I can walk out the knowledge that I hear God and that He hears me…it is a reciprocal relationship. It is built on open and honest communication where I die daily to every version of myself and I am born again daily looking more and more like God. Big up my friend who said Gayle, you need to chuck off a cliff and die! Get out of your head! Man, it has opened me up for so many things to happen. This new season of atypical and typical miracles depend on me having a routine but being open to God changing that up. It depends on me being willing to know God, have had experiences with Him that are incredible yet counting those as nothing so that I can have deeper, more fulfilling knowledge and experience of and with Him.

As usual, we end with questions. Have you been dying daily? Are you willing to do whatever it will take to experience God on a deeper level? Can you see the miraculous happening in your life on a daily basis?


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